A Play By Danny Hughes


PG-13 Not suitable for young ages due to a more adult story line and the nature of a suspenseful story (told in a ghost story nature).


Sleepy Hollow is an idyllic town known for its dreamy, peaceful nature... and an undead Headless Horseman that haunts its woods. When Ichabod Crane ventures into town to be the new schoolmaster, he finds that perhaps ghost stories aren't the scariest stories the Hollow has to tell.


$10 General Admission Ticket- purchased in advance- ends 1hr before show time (seating times: matinee 1:40, evening 6:40 admission)

$15 Priority Seating Ticket- early admission prior to general admission (seating times: matinee 1:20, evening 6:20 admission)

$12 Door Price General Admission

Presale Access Granted

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